Employment intermediaries reporting deadline approaching

By 4th May 2016Latest news

New rules introduced in April 2015 require employment intermediaries, which supply two or more workers to a client, to send HMRC details of workers where they don’t operate PAYE on the workers’ payments. HMRC have introduced these new rules to help combat issues of false self-employment and the abuse of offshore working by some intermediaries.

There is no requirement to send HMRC reports for UK employers that supply workers to end clients where nobody else is involved and where they operate PAYE when they pay those workers. The report (or reports) must be sent to HMRC once every 3 months. The most recent reporting period ran from 6 January to 5 April 2016 and intermediaries must submit the report to HMRC by 5 May 2016. Intermediaries required to make a return must be registered with HMRC online services.

A report can be removed after it has been sent. The latest report may be removed by 5 August 2016. There are penalties for failure to submit a return on-time as well as for incomplete or incorrect returns. Penalties for a first offence start at £250. The various pieces of guidance have recently been updated to take account of the new tax year and to make some other small changes.

Source: HM Revenue & Customs | 27-04-2016